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Jazakallah Khair to all brothers and sisters whose extra donations, from the last few days, have helped SNMC to pay the July (22nd/24) Bill on time. SNMC has loan and donations of $218,000 and is seeking $17,000 more as donation to pay the bill by Friday October 3, 2014.

Insha’Allah, SNMC will hold 4 Eid Salah on Oct 4, Saturday ( to be confirmed) at SNMC Al-Huda School, 11 Claridge Dr ( Michael Jean French School, next to SNMC new Masjid)
  • 1st Salah & Takbir 7.30am Imam Dr Zijad
  • 2nd Salah & Takbir 8.45am Dr M R Beshir
  • 3d Salah & Takbir 9.45am Dr Ismail Kaka
  • 4th Salah & Takbir 10.30am Dr Nabil Bouzoubaa

Opportunity to sacrifice 1/7th portion of a cow ( $325), a lamb ($300) and a goat ($350) at Bilal Firm via SNMC. Please pay online at under services or at SNMC musallah, 3131 Jockvale Road, by cash or check, on or before Friday September 26, 2014.

Donate in Duniya to Celebrate in Akhira.
Help to Build SNMC Center & Masjid for ourselves, our children and grandchildren!, Donate $20 and help us to Pray Taraweeh in Ramadan/June 2014.
Download and forward the postcard

Top Events

  • Because of another Barrhaven run for Sunday Sept 28 and as per advice of many well-wishers, SNMC 3rd Walk-a-Thin and Bike-Thon will now take place on Saturday Oct 11 and Rain day Sunday Oct 12.
  • SNMC Al-Huda September School Registration - For online school registration for School starting September, please visit and fill in the online form. Classes begin Sep 13, 2014 InshaAllah. More details...


    • Kids Quran Memorization (October 5th, 5:30 to 6:30 pm)
    • Youth Halaqa (7:00 to 8:00 pm)
    • Evening Lecture (8:15 to 9:15)
    • Saturdays:
    • Interpretation of Seerah: Dr Tamer, after maghrib
    • Sundays:
    • Sisters Halaqa (10:30 to 12:30pm
    • Dawa after maghrib
    • Mondays:
    • Day to Day Life Lessons from Nabi Karim’s (PBUH) Life (Dr emdad/Sk Hacemi)
    • Tuesdays:
    • Local Visits, Fiqh Lessons, Kids Quran Memorization
    • Wednesdays:
    • Family Counselling, Meetings on SNMC activities
    • Thursdays:
    • Family Counselling Tafseer/Science of Quran by Imam Dr Zijad
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