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SNMC Youth GIRLS Activities on Sunday afternoons

CLUBS DAY Looking for a fun place to bring your kids on a Sunday afternoon? Join us at the SNMC gym from 12:30-2:00

SNMC Youth BOYS Activities on Friday Nights and Sunday Afternoons

1-Boys ages 9-14 are invited to play sports for two hours on Sundays. Before the game, we will have icebreaker games for

1st of Safar 1439 Hijri is on Saturday, October 21st

1st of Safar 1439 Hijri is on Saturday, October 21st Moon for the month of Safar has been sighted in multiple

Sisters Martial Arts Classes at SNMC – Registration/Start Date

Calling all sisters: ever wanted to kick like Jackie Chan? Well, now’s your chance! SNMC Sisters will be offering Sisters

Improve Your Qur’an Recitation – Adult Qur’an Recitation Circles

Adult Qur’an Recitation Halaqa on Sundays after Fajr, Zuhr and Maghrib Prayers Allah swt stated وَرَتِّلِ ٱلۡقُرۡءَانَ تَرۡتِيلاً (٤) And