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Please donate one Dollar a day for maintenance of SNMC

Al-Hamdu Lillah, the brick and mortar of SNMC costing $8.5 Million was completed in December 2014. The $2.5 Million loan

SNMC BBQ and Walk-a-thon & Bike-a-thon– Saturday July 22nd 10 am — 5 pm

Mina Hilal will be sponsoring SNMC BBQ on July 22nd. SNMC will also be restarting its Walk-a-thon and Bike-a-thon on July

Prayer Times: Week of July 14th

Prayer Times: July 14th Fajr: 4:30 am Zuhr:  1:30 pm Asr: 6:30 pm Maghrib: 8:55 pm Isha: 10:40 pm

ILEAD Conference 2017 on Saturday July 15th

The I.LEAD Conference is taking place on Saturday July 15th at the EY Centre! For more information/ or to buy

Donate for BC Fire Victims: SNMC target to donate $10,000 by Friday July 21

Please donate from Zakat, Sadaqa, earning to SNMC by cash, check, PayPal, credit card. Every dollar donation will be matched