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Established in 2008, the SNMC Tutoring & Homework Club is available during the regular school year from September to June. The club is run by a dedicated group of volunteers who are committed to educating and preparing the next generation of youth for academic success.

The Tutoring & Homework Club helps kids from grades 5- 12 to do their assigned schoolwork or to reach ahead. Younger children are also welcome, so long as all are serious about learning and are well behaved. In addition to professional and qualified teachers, there are also volunteers at both high school and university levels. High school students who tutor can receive credit for volunteer hours.

How it works:
– Adult supervision is present at all times.
– Parents are welcome to stay or leave during tutoring sessions.
– Students are to bring all their own books & supplies.
– Parents are recommended to bring textbooks from one year ahead of their child’s grade if they wish to do reach ahead studies.

For More Information Email: info@snmc.ca