Board of Directors

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Current SNMC Board of Directors


Engr Raheemuddin Syed (President)

Since early days of SNMC, Br. Raheem has been involved with various SNMC projects, especially the website and communication infrastructure. Over the years, he has also helped with SNMC’s Funeral Services, Weekend school, Outreach Programs, etc. Presently, he is service as the President and CEO of SNMC; his portfolio includes overlooking all the operations of SNMC.

Br. Raheem holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science (with Honors) from Carleton University in Ottawa, and has more than 20 years of experience in the field of Information Technology. Currently, Br. Raheem works as a Senior Systems Architect and Consultant with the Government of Canada.

Dr. Nabil Bouzoubaâ

Dr. Nabil is one of the co-founders of SNMC and has been volunteering for us ever since with all kind of projects. Dr. Nabil was instrumental in setting up and maintaining various SNMC projects focused on serving the youth in our community. Currently, his portfolio includes Youth Services, Community Outreach, and Media.

Prior to SNMC, Dr. Nabil served as the President of the MSA at Université de Sherbrooke (from 1990 to 1994), and volunteered with Cultural Islamic Association of Eastern Townships (ACIE) in Sherbrooke, Québec. Dr. Nabil currently works as a Senior Science Advisor for Natural Resources Canada.

Dr. Asma Amjad

Dr. Asma is one of our most active volunteers and has been recognized as one of the best assets at SNMC. She is currently serving SNMC as its Youth and Programs Director. Dr. Asma is leading with various committees at SNMC, including Programs, Scholarship and the Needy Support Committee.

Dr. Asma holds BSc, BA, MD, CCFP from University Of Ottawa’s, Faculty Of Medicine. She has been practicing as a Medical Doctor since 2002. Additionally, Dr. Asma is a Clinical Lecturer at University of Ottawa’s Faculty of Medicine, as well as an Examiner at the Medical Council Of Canada

Mourad Salah

Br. Mourad is a long time volunteer at SNMC. Currently, he heads Building and Parking Lot Maintenance at SNMC and coordinates with the COO on running of the weekend School.

Br. Mourad holds a diploma in Management from the University of McGill and works as a civil servant.

Asma Abdullahi

Sr. Asma heads our Seniors Program and helps with the Needy Support Committee as well as the outreach committee.

Sr. Asma holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce (with Honors) as well as a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts, both from the University of Ottawa. She is a current student of CPA and formerly worked as a Passport Officer with Passport Canada.

Mohamed Sharaf

Br. Mohamed has been volunteering since 2014 for various programs at SNMC. From 2017 till 2018, he also served as the Programs Captain for I.LEAD, a project that lets SNMC partner with all the majors Muslim organizations in Ottawa and invites various scholars from all over North America to come speak at the I.LEAD conference. Br. Mohamed heads our IM/IT Automation team and helps with SNMC’s Communications and Youth programs.

Br. Mohamed currently works for Microsoft as a Cloud Solutions Architect.

Samia Oulaid

Sr. Samia is a long time volunteer at SNMC. Currently, she heads our Sister’s program, and also helps out with our Communications.

Sr. Samia holds degrees in Education and Linguistics. She has over 15 years of experience in management, professional development, programs development, mentoring, and international marketing. Sr. Samia has also served as a volunteer in various communities in Quebec City & Ottawa, and established a support program to help families in need in the Ottawa region.

Dr. Shamraiz Khan

Dr. Shamraiz has been one of the most active and social members of SNMC, and is currently overlooking SNMC’s Funeral Services, Events and Matchmaking committes.

Dr. Shamraiz currently works as a Radiologist in Ottawa Hospital.

Waqas Waseem

Br. Waqas has been actively volunteering with SNMC since 2015. Currently, he overlooks the finances, and has been representing SNMC in I.LEAD committee since 2017.

Br. Waqas holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from George Mason University, Virginia, and is currently working as a Software Engineer.