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SNMC is one of the few organizations that provide Muslim funeral services in Ottawa. An experienced Funeral Services team, along with dedicated on-site funeral facilities are used to assist families/individuals of deceased Muslims.

Please contact SNMC Funeral Services by calling 613-869-6259, and someone will be able to assist you.

The Funeral Process

Detailed procedure can be found here. It lists the costs associated with the process as well.

Here’s a brief overview of the funeral and burial process:

      1. After confirming death, a medical professional or institution will provide a family member with FORM 16 – Medical Certificate of Death.
      2. The family member will then fill out parts 1-22 of FORM 15 – Statement of Death. A member of SNMC funeral services team will fill out the rest.
      3. One of our team members will use FORM 15 and FORM 16 to register the death with the city of Ottawa, who will then issue FORM 19 – Burial permit.
      4. Once FORM 19 has been issued, our team will pick up the deceased and transport him/her to SNMC.
      5. At SNMC, the deceased will be bathed, and shrouded as per Islamic principles (also known as ghusl, kafan and takfeen).
      6. The deceased will then be placed in a coffin (the coffin is for transportation only).
        Note: Optionally, cold storage of the deceased can be arranged, in case of delayed burial.
      7. Meanwhile a member of the team will coordinate with the family to set an appropriate time for the deceased’s funeral prayer.
      8. As soon as the time is set, an email will be sent out to the (4000+) members of the community, announcing the person’s death, time for funeral prayer and location of burial.
      9. (Optional) A member of the team can help the family coordinate the burial with a cemetery. This involves buying the grave plot, opening & closing the grave, etc.
      10. After the funeral prayer, team members will transport the deceased to the cemetery for burial.
      11. SNMC will issue a “Death Certificate” to the family, which can be used for things like closing the deceased bank accounts, cancelling insurance, etc.
        Note: In some cases, you may need to obtain an Official Death Certificate from the province of Ontario.


Additional Services:

      • Arrange for Prayer/Azza/Dua (at no cost) at SNMC.
      • Food services (at no cost).
      • Visits from community members to provide comfort at residence or at hospital.


Necessary Forms


Muslim Cemeteries and Mosques with Funeral Services in Ottawa