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We have several programs for Sisters. For general information, please contact board@snmc.ca


Sisters’ Qur’aan and Tajweed Halaqa

Time: 12:30 pm – 2:00 pm
Location: SNMC Sisters’ Hall Upstairs
Contact Person: Mariam Bayoum (mariam.bayoumi@gmail.com)
Instructor: Om Mariam Nachet
Synopsis of Program: to teach Quran and Tajweed rules
Type of Program: Educational
Language: English and Arabic
Target Audience: Women (18+)
Difficulty Level: Beginner

Tafseer and Tajweed of the Quran in Somali

Time: 9am-3 pm
Location: SNMC Basement D
Contact Person: (Asma Abdullah – Organizer) or Shaykh Saeed Ali Ahmed
Contact Information: azahab@hotmail.com
Instructors: Shaykh Saeed Ali Ahmed
Synopsis of the Program: Tafseer and Tajweed of the Quran – Arabic to Somali
Language of Instruction: Somali
Targeted Audience: Somali Sisters


SNMC Sister’s Halaqa

Time: 10:30 am – 12:30 pm
Location: SNMC Sister’s Hall Upstairs
Contact Person: Muna Idris
Contact Information: sisters@snmc.ca or munaidris@rocketmail.com
Synopsis of Program: Multiple sisters present on a rotating basis. Presently, consists of the following, in alphabetical order: Sr. Asma, Sr. Audrey, Sr. Ghada, Sr. Manna, Sr. Muna, Sr. Nashwa, Sr. Samia. All presenters are professionals in their fields, and have strong and solid knowledge of various areas of the religion.
Type of Program: Spiritual
Targeted Audience: women and girls (10+)
Weekly Agenda:

  • 10:30 am to 11:15 am: Rules of Tajweed and practice with Sr Audrey Saparno.
  • 11:15 am to 12:30 pm: Islamic topic for discussion as decided by Presenter of the day

Language: English
Difficulty Level: All levels

Arabic Sisters Advanced Tajweed

Time: 12:45- 2:45 PM
Location: SNMC Sisters Hall Upstairs
Contact Info: Samia Ali: samia.oali@yahoo.com/ Or Djamila Sahouli: dshouli@hotmail.com
Instructor: Sister Eman
Instructor Bio: (certified tajweed teacher)
Synopsis of the course/activity: Qur’an memorization and advanced Tajweed.
Type of Program: Social/Educational/Spiritual
Language of Instruction: Arabic/ English
Target Audience : Sisters / 14 and up
Difficulty Level: Advanced

Quran Explanation (Tafsir)

Program Time: Sunday 6:30:00 PM to 8:00:00 PM
Location: Sisters Hall Upstairs
Contact Info: naicen@hotmail.com
Name/Instructor: Samia Ali
Synopsis of the course/activity: “Summarizing the islamic interpretation of great scholars and mufassirun in order make Quran understanding accessible.”
Sources: Tafsir Al Tabari; Tafsir Al Tahrir wa Al Tanwir (ibn Ashur); Tafsir Ibn Kathir; Tafsir Al Saadi. We also benefit from contemporary famous scholars of tafseer such us, Sheikh Aha’rawi, Sheikh Al-Nabulsi…”
Language: Arabic and English
Target Audience: Sisters 16+


Sisters’ Quran and Tajweed Halaqa

Time: 11:30 – 2:00 pm
Location: SNMC Sisters’ Hall upstairs
Contact Person: Mariam Bayoumi
Contact Information: mariam.bayoumi@gmail.com
Instructor(s): Ilham, Nahla, and Mariam
Synopsis of Program: teach Qur’an and tajweed
Type of Program: Educational
Language: Arabic and English
Target Audience: Women (18+)
Difficulty Level: Beginner/Intermediate


Quran Tafseer for Sisters

Time: 12:-2pm
Location: SNMC Sisters’ Hall upstairs
Contact Person: Samia Ali
Contact Information: naicen@hotmail.com
Instructor(s): group of sisters alternating weekly
Synopsis of Program: Qur’an explanation (Tafseer)/ Purification of the heart/ Seerah (Islamic history)
Type of Program: Spiritual
Language: Arabic
Targeted Audience: Women (14+)
Difficulty Level: N/A

Seerah for Sisters by Sahar Gawad

Contact Person: Sahar Gawad
Contact Information: sahar_gawad@yahoo.com
Instructor(s): Sahar Gawad
Synopsis of Program: Talk about our Prophet Mouhammed (S)
Language: Arabic
Targeted Audience: Women
Time: Every Wednesday 6:30:00 PM to 8:00:00 PM
Location: Basement C & D


Sisters’ Arabic Conversation Course (low intermediate level)

Time: 6:30:00 PM 8:00:00 PM
Location: Sisters Section Upstairs
Contact Person: Ataa Alsibai
Contact Information: ataa3000@hotmail.com | 6134629554
Synopsis of Program: Students will learn how to speak and understand common conversations in Arabic
Language: English and Arabic
Targeted Audience: female students who are able to read Arabic (ex:Quran)



Time: Maghrib to Ishaa 6:30 -8:30p.m.
Location: SNMC Basement Guest room
Contact Info: Sister Kishwar Sohail: 613-513-5816, Sister Quratulain Kuraishi: 613-612-3808
Name/Instructor: Umm Awwab
Synopsis of the course/activity: Tafseer and word to word meaning of the Qur’an.
Type of Program: Educational/Spiritual
Language of Instruction: English/Arabic/Urdu
Target Audience: Ladies only. 18+
Difficulty Level: Beginner-Intermediate