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SNMC Youth Event-Preparing for Ramadan on Saturday April 28, 2018

Are you a young Muslim looking to optimize your days and nights in Ramadan? Would you like to attain success in this life and the next through beneficial Ramadan activities?

Come join us at SNMC this weekend and enjoy the fun activities and free pizza!


Guest Speaker: Mahdi Hassan

Mahdi Hassan is an Ottawa born and raised khateeb. Having gone through the same struggles as many Ottawa youth face today, and having found many mentors who helped him navigate the different spaces in which he is involvwd he has come to value mentoring and dawah work in different media. His teachers and influences include Shaykh Mikaeel Smith, Sidi Usama Canon and Ottawa’s very own Ustadh Majed Jarrar and Ustadh Hesham Saleh. Though he is a full-time employee at Health Canada, and has recently graduated from biomedical Sciences, he really believes that these are not things that define and works to create meaningful connections in his talks and various encounters within the muslim community.


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