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South Nepean Muslim Association (SNBA) local basketball league hosted by SNMC Masjid starting soon!

 The SNBA is South Nepean’s very own local basketball league hosted by SNMC Masjid. The goal is to offer the community, at a low cost, the opportunity to partake in an official basketball league, get together with friends in a positive environment, and of course – BALL!

After a successful run in 2017, the SNBA is back for round two with new teams, new refs, new nets and more prizes!

While local basketball leagues can cost up to hundreds of dollars, the SNBA offers even more for a small fee of $60… and here’s what to expect:

    1. Approx. 9 weeks of one hour games (excluding playoffs)

    2. Customized jerseys

    3. Weekly reports

    4. Weekly updated stats

    5. Weekly uploaded photos and videos

    6. $100 prize for each winning player

Other Details:

  • Age: 14-24

  • Time: Sunday evenings

  • Duration: March -July

Stay in touch for more details at:

Register NOW at:

SNBA registration. (correction)


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